Plumas County
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Sorry, at this time we have no vehicle verifiers for Plumas County.
Help!!.  Everybody seems to be retiring.  We are actively looking for licensed verifiers to cover this county and other counties. If you know of a licensed vehicle verifier that would like to be on this list, please have them give us a call at 510-799-2667 - (some restrictions may apply) - We are just trying to help the motoring public with this service.
Please Be Aware, some of the communities listed below may be a beautiful drive to get to, there may be additional charges above any listed price for a specific county rate fee on their website.
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Please read "What Can We Verify" in the navigation bar above and/or, the verifier you choose, read their website as to what a licensed Vehicle Verifier can and cannot verify for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. There Are Limitations, e.g. Salvage or Junk titled vehicles, 1970 and newer vehicles with missing or illegible Federal Safety Certification Labels, more limitations may apply.
We Cannot Verify Salvage Or Junk Titled Vehicles. These Are DMV - CHP Verifications Only.
Portola. Census-designated places; Beckwourth, Belden, Blairsden, Bucks Lake, Canyondam, Caribou, Chester, Chilcoot-Vinton, Clio, Crescent Mills, C-Road, Cromberg, Delleker, East Quincy, East Shore, Gold Mountain, Graeagle, Greenhorn, Greenville, Hamilton, Branch, Indian Falls, Iron Horse, Johnsville, Keddie, La Porte, Lake Almanor Country Club, Lake Almanor Peninsula, Lake Almanor, West, Lake Davis, Little Grass Valley, Mabie, Meadow Valley, Mohawk Vista, Paxton, Plumas Eureka, Prattville, Quincy, Spring Garden, Storrie, Taylorsville, Tobin, Twain, Valley Ranch, Warner Valley, Whitehawk. Unincorporated communities; American House, Buckeye, Cascade, Drakesbad, Feather River Park, Gate Place, Genesee, Longville, Massack, Palmetto. Prospect, Rock Creek, Seneca, Sloat, Spanish Ranch. Ghost towns; Almanor.