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Terms and Conditions, and Authorization for Website Back Links
Welcome to California Vehicle Verifiers website.  Our website is designed to help professional licensed vehicle verifiers throughout the State of California to get found and get customers, however, most of all, it was created to help the motoring public find the vehicle verifier they need in the locations they need it.
Terms and Conditions:  Your listing on this website is not a free service, and in order to qualify to be on this website we ask that you comply with the following conditions, they are, but not limited to the following;
1. Your verifier license and bond must be current and valid with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
2. You must have a website dedicated to vehicle verifications and must list the counties you service.
3. Your primary web page or index page, "Page Title" must show the counties you service, this makes it easy for your customer to find you in the counties you service.
4. This website will not show more than five verifier listings per county.  When a sixth verifier wants on the list is when we will review the existing listed websites in that county to see if they comply,  or if it is still in business,  if not, the listing will be removed to make room for valid verifiers in compliance.
5. If you retire from a county or the verification service altogether.  Out of respect to other verifiers in your county and the motoring public, you will let us know to remove you from the list in order to make room for other verifiers.
7. You must provide working back links to this website as provided below.
Back Link(s):  Use the paragraph below to advertise this website to the motoring public.
The font must be at least 12 PT and be displayed in a conspicuous location on your Front Page, 'Index Page' of your website and the font is to be the same font used to advertise your service locations, and not hidden underneath other text/random content or bad coloring - the link must be a hyper link in blue and under lined, that will take you to this website in a new window when clicked, without leaving your website.
The ad must include this wording;
For Vehicle Verifications in other Counties in California, Please Visit
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The Terms and conditions on this page are subject to change at any time, and shall be your responsibility to review them regularly for changes and compliance.
New Applicants. By signing this form either digitally printed or signed, you agree to these Terms, Conditions, and Back Link above, and that you authorize the owners/authors of this website, their assignees and associates to add Back Link(s) to your website using the information you provided below.
Verifier License Number:
Your Website Address:
Name Printed:
Expiration Date
Counties You Service:
You can also print this page, fill it by hand and fax to (510) 799-1456
Be Sure To Print A Copy For Your Records Before Using The Submit Button.
The Owners/Authors of this website reserves the right to add or delete any Name, Company Name, or Person and/or their information to or from our verifier list.
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California Vehicle
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Fax  510-799-1456
It is a requirement that you have a website to be on this website. If you cannot build a website, or if you cannot get one built for you, it may be possible we can build one for you, "time permiting". If we can build one for you the cost is $500.00 and a $25.00 per month maintence fee. If we agree to build you a website, the website will be up and running in about a week but will not be completed for at least a month. If this is what you need, please contact us at (510) 799-2667
What If I don't have a website?
6. The cost to be on this list is $100.00 per month,  If your county has multiple verifiers and you want to be on the top of the list, the cost is $150.00 per month.  At this time the cost includes all the counties you service.