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Disclaimer: The verifier names listed in this website is provided as a service to the motoring public, you can contact these Vehicle Verifiers directly. California Vehicle makes no warranties as to the service they provide or do not provide, nor any contract made in writing or verbally.  Any contract/agreement made between any of the verifiers listed herein is between you and the verifier you choose.  We cannot and will not mediate any disputes that arise from services they provide or do not provide.  That said, if any verifier listed above fails to provide the service that you expected we would like to hear about it.
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Thank you for your interest in our Vehicle Verifier service. Serving Almost Every County In The Great State Of California. Our mobile vehicle verifiers are licensed and bonded to verify almost any vehicle required to be registered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.***Please Read Below
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We offer quick vehicle and V.I.N. Verifying to dealerships, businesses, private parties, fleet services, rental name it....we do it!  We will go to your place of business or home and supply you with the proper form (REG. 31) that the DMV requires to complete your vehicle transaction.
Why wait in long lines at DMV or wait weeks for CHP to look at your vehicle when you don't have to? Your Time is Valuable!
Call us insteadWe are  Fast, Friendly and Affordable!!
-Same Day Service In Most Cases-.  When it comes time to get your vehicle or VIN Verified, give one of our Vehicle Verifiers a call to make an appointment.
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***Licensed Vehicle Verifiers are limited by the Department of Motor Vehicles as to what we can and cannot verify for the department.  Please click here to read "What Can We Verify" or use the navigation bar above and/or read the exclusions on the website of the verifier you choose.  Please Note; We cannot verify salvage or junk titled vehicles, these are CHP verifications only!  Please do not call.
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